Ally Bunbury

Ally Bunbury works in the world of Public Relations and it is this world that inspired the characters in  her debut novel The Inheritance.  The story spans London, Scotland and Ireland mixing the world of privilage with Hollywood glamour. The story of boy meets girl, boy loses girl through no or almost no fault of his own. Will boy get girl back or will inheritance win over romance?

Ally’s debut novel is a modern romantic  story in the fun and often escentric world of media.

Nicola Pierce

Nicola Pierce began her writing career as a ghost writer. It was when her publisher approached her about writing under her own name that she decided to write historical fiction. Nicola writes children’s fiction and her first novel featured a young ghost on the Titanic. She researches her subjects well enabling her to take us on a trip back in time exploring events in history such as the fall of Staligrad, Siege of Derry and Battle of the Boyne.

Titles include: Spirit of the Titanic, Behind the Walls, City of Fate, and Kings of the Boyne

Joan Brady

Joan Brady’ debut novel ‘The Cinderella Reflex’ describes a strong independent woman with the cravings of a five year old child waiting for her prince to come. As most women know, we want the one that is bad for us, we wonder about the one that got away and we dont recognise the prince standing right in front of us. When we grow up we realise in adulthood that there never really is that prince charming but it doesnt stop us looking all the same.

Joan has worked in journalism most of her life and is currently working on her second book

Louise Phillips

Louise Philips is a crime novelist. Her first novel Red Ribbons introduces us to Dr Kate Pearson, a profiler who features in all her novels. All four books hit best seller lists earning Louise numerous awards including Best Irish Crime Novel of the year, and longlisted for UK CWA Dagger in the Library Award.

Titles include: Red Ribbons, The Dolls House, Last Kiss and The Game Changer.

Louise teaches at the Irish Writers Centre in Dublin. She is currently working on her fifth book.

Olive Collins

Olive Collins lives in Thurles Co. Tipperary. Her Debut Novel ‘The Memory of Music’ couldn’t have been better timed. The story focuses on the lives of the Fogarty family spanning 100 years beginning in 1916. She explores the effects the revolution had on families and friendships, pitting men against men, the roles of women and how strength comes to those in adversity. The women of the Fogarty family are driven by ambition and secrets.

Olive Collins was the 2016 recipient of The Annie McHale Debut Novel Award

Nicola Kearns

Nicola Kearns grew up in Dundalk Co. Louth and now lives in Leitrim working part time with Fenagh Heritage Centre. It was her love of writing, history and Malta that lead to her first novel, ‘Under The Maltese Sky. This is a historical novel spanning sixty decades through wartime  and  the siege of Malta. It has been discribed as a journey through ordinary lives surviving extraordinary conditions.

Nicola is currently working on her second novel ‘The Azure Window’.

Hazel Gaynor

Hazel Gaynor has lived in Ireland for the past 15 years. Her first novel ‘The Girl Who Came Home’ saw her catapulted onto the international stage topping best seller lists both sides of the Atlantic such as New York Times and Irish Times. She was also awarded Romantic Historical Novel of the Year 2015. Hazel subsequent novels also gained high accolades on best seller lists world wide. Her characters come alive through her storytelling drawing you in to their worlds and welcoming you into their historical adventures. She has the ability as a writer to capture the era and locations that you feel you lived in their times.
Other titles include ‘A Memory of Violets’, ‘Fall of Poppies’ and ‘The Girl from The Savoy’

Caroline Finnerty

Caroline Finnerty lives in Co. Kildare on the banks of the Grand Canal. She secured her first book deal after having her first child. ‘In a Moment’ led to a three book deal with Poolbeg Press.

Caroline writes elequently about raw human emotions and situations that are otherwise perhaps taboo subjects. Her novels pull on the heartstrings bringing out your compassionate side and leaving you with questions on subjects you maybe never really thought you had an opinion on. These are books that remain with you long after you have put them down.

Other titles include

In a Moment, The Last Goodbye, My Sister’s Child

Cat Hogan

Cat Hogan’s love of books was instilled in her at a very young age by her mother. Every week she received a new book to read.  Her sense of imagination she attributes to her father’s storytelling and learning about the sky and sea. Bring these two loves together and you get an exciting author. Cat Hogan has the gift of bringing you into her story without you realising where you are going. Before you know it, you are jumping with the twists and turns, the sudden appearance of characters at unsuspected intervals.  In her debut novel ‘ They All Fall Down’ she explores the dark secrets held by a small community. These are the secrets of flawed human nature, the thin line between love and obsession and the nature of addiction.,ssl&ei=9-XbWPbNA8OPgAbKlJeIBg