Caroline Finnerty

Caroline Finnerty lives in Co. Kildare on the banks of the Grand Canal. She secured her first book deal after having her first child. ‘In a Moment’ led to a three book deal with Poolbeg Press.

Caroline writes elequently about raw human emotions and situations that are otherwise perhaps taboo subjects. Her novels pull on the heartstrings bringing out your compassionate side and leaving you with questions on subjects you maybe never really thought you had an opinion on. These are books that remain with you long after you have put them down.

Other titles include

In a Moment, The Last Goodbye, My Sister’s Child

Cat Hogan

Cat Hogan’s love of books was instilled in her at a very young age by her mother. Every week she received a new book to read.  Her sense of imagination she attributes to her father’s storytelling and learning about the sky and sea. Bring these two loves together and you get an exciting author. Cat Hogan has the gift of bringing you into her story without you realising where you are going. Before you know it, you are jumping with the twists and turns, the sudden appearance of characters at unsuspected intervals.  In her debut novel ‘ They All Fall Down’ she explores the dark secrets held by a small community. These are the secrets of flawed human nature, the thin line between love and obsession and the nature of addiction.,ssl&ei=9-XbWPbNA8OPgAbKlJeIBg

The Annie McHale Debut Novel of the Year Award


Annie McHale was a wonderful, warm, inspiring and creative lady who entered the hearts of everyone she met. Her smile reassured, cast worries aside and for those fortunate enough to receive it, stranger or friend, their lives were the better for it.

Annie loved anything creative and instilled in me a sense of thinking outside the box. If you can imagine it, then you can create it or at least have great fun trying. All my endevours as a child were not exactly bankable, but she always told me they were great and exactly what I set out to achieve.

As you have probably figured out by now, Annie McHale is my mother. I always remember her with a book in her hand. She had one in every room, kitchen, sitting room, bedroom. She could have three novels going on at the same time, and she knew each one individually.  It was her west of Ireland upbringing that brought the love of storytelling.  I hope I received at least a pinch of her creativity.

It was to honor her memory that I created this award. She always admired anyone who took a chance on their beliefs and kept going towards their goal. It is extremely hard to get a first book published, to find that one person who sees your dream and runs with it. So this award is to spur you on in your challenge and your goals.


All new debut novels launched in 2017 through a recognised publishing house will be eligible to enter. Please send your personal details and novel information to my email: 

A longlist will be published in December 2017, short list in January 2018 and winner announced in February 2018

Best of luck

Here are past winners of the award.

2016  ‘THE MEMORY OF MUSIC’  by Olive Collins

The Memory of Music is a story spanning three generations of an Irish family over 100 years beginning with 1916. Betty Fogarty longs to escape rural live so elopes with her husband Seamus to Dublin. She is horrified when she discovers Continue reading “The Annie McHale Debut Novel of the Year Award”