Lovely of you to drop by. Bookbanter.ie was created from a love of books, creativity and chat. I love to do all three so I thought why not involve everyone.

I will bring you updates from new and relevent authors. You can read and listen to where their ideas for their novels came from, what inspires them and what’s new in their world.

Indulge yourself, take time and browse through the pages and see what catches your attention. If there is something in particular you like, let me know. If there is something missing that you might enjoy, leave me a comment.

Just between you and me, chatting to the authors is my favourite. I love getting to know their characters better through the interviews. It can make them come alive more when I get an idea of how their creation came about.

I also love writing, so if you have a debut novel, check out The Annie McHale Award and let me know about your book. The award is now entering into year three so any books published this year can be in with a chance.

Anyway, I wont keep you any longer, get browsing and let me know what you think of the website. I love to hear from you.

And remember “Create in whatever way makes you smile”